Get skin treatment that turns back the clock

Undo years of skin damage and wrinkles without the downtime.

Aesthetic treatment

We offer a wide and diverse range of skin treatments to suit your needs. Thanks to our lineup of Cynosure products, our services can treat brown spots, wrinkles, acne scars, loose skin, excessive hair, discoloration, and more. 

Before Cynosure treatment
After Cynosure Treatment
Before Cynosure treatment
After Cynosure Treatment

Brown spots, discoloration of skin, and acne scars

If you have brown spots or discoloration in your skin, we have just the treatment for you. We have the ICON facial that can over time eliminate those unwanted spots. We pair all treatments with a suggested product that will enhance the treatment process.

Wrinkles and Aging skin

Aging happens to us all however aging gracefully can be obtained. Those wrinkles you see in unwanted places, we can get rid of those over a few treatments. We can treat the eyes, forehead, cheeks, chin, and chest.

Tightening of skin

Is your skin starting to droop? Do you need a little noninvasive lift that has no downtime? We have a tightening treatment that will pull and lift the start of aging, droopy skin. And dont forget some aftercare products that will help continue to defy aging even after treatment. 

Laser Hair Removal

Tired of shaving? Get irritating bumps when you shave? Consider laser hair removal. The fall is the perfect time to start this process. We can remove hair from the face, legs (upper and lower), arms (upper and lower), underarms, and bikini areas. By the summer you are hairless and bikini ready! 

Body Contouring

Body contouring for the thighs, arms, stomach and even the love handles. Simple process that can help with the last few inches you are trying to tighten. This isn’t a complete weight loss regiment but it can assist with the process.



Botox is to help with deeply routed wrinkles. We have Xeomin a Mertz product and Jeveau by Evolus product that is rejuvenating and hydrating to the skin. This can be done on the face, neck and chest area.

Financing Available


– Discounts are 10-15% off on all packages of 3 or more.
– Get a Laser hair removal package and receive an area of equal or lesser value for free.
– Botox is discounted with the minimum set amount of units purchased.

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