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CoVid-19 Antibody Test – What You Need to Know

Wuhan Virus and COVID-19 Infection

Dr. Weitzman will be calling all patients to discuss the Wuhan Virus and the COVID-19 disease. We will be discussing the virus, and teach about prevention and care. If you have a specific time you would like a call, please call Ela at 843-491-3007. This service is...
Wuhan Virus and COVID-19 – The Real Story

North Myrtle Beach Corona Virus

Do not panic. Do not fret. The corona virus is here. Just take a deep breath. So, what do we do? Hmmmmmm. Let’s keep it simple. Let’s stick to facts. There is new research that is different that what China put out. The virus is stable in the air about 3 hours, and on...