Keeping you informed

Thank you for being a patient, being tested for COViD-19 or just wanting to be kept up to date. This practice works hard to keep everyone in our community well- informed with proper information.

First Some Housekeeping

1) I work very hard to keep ALL politics out of these updates. When you go through this, please do not feel the need to be offended by information in here. This information is scientific and health focused only. There is a significant amount of politics and brainwashing going on outside; I want no part of that.

2) If you want to be removed from the email updates, please just call the office. Nichole’s number is 843 491-3007. She will be happy to help you.

3) If you need your COViD-19 test results, please call Heather Pitts in the Lab. Their  direct number is 843 957-6740.

4) If you need a Travel Clearance Form, please call Heather Pitts, at the Lab number.

5) If you need a followup telemedicine visit for COViD-19 because of questions, please call the office number.

6) I am still seeing patients in house if you need me.I

So, the real numbers.

In Horry county, a little over 2% of the population has either had or is infected with the disease by estimate by DHEC. With all of the testing being done, there is on average of 100 new cases a day.

For people whom are being tested, the positive loads are about 18%. You need to know this is highly skewed towards people whom feel they were exposed, or actually have symptoms. So the actual rate may be much lower – but we can’t know for sure unless everyone in the county is tested repeatedly, and we watch the numbers.

Unfortunately, there have been 122 deaths in our county, where COVID-19 is involved. That does not mean they died from the disease, simply they had COViD-19 some time during their illness, and the patient passed. These are mostly much older adults with pre-existing medical conditions.

Compared to other states, our area and State has one of the highest cumulative rates in the country. Again, our number are skewed by visitors being tested, but this is an important distinction. Many of our residents have had the disease, and are now over the infection. Most of which will form some type of immunity.

Our goal is to keep as many people from dying as possible so we can get a vaccine out to the population.

Tips and reminders

Wash your hands, don’t touch your face, etc: These are the most important things you can do. Virus cannot get through intact skin. Keep it clean babies!

Masks: The feeling is that if everyone wears them whom could be ill or not immune, it can really help the population, and slow the disease spread. It does not help people whom are immune to the disease. It is felt that the mask will lower the concentrations of virus you breath in or get around your mouth if you have an exposure. With a lower “Viral Load Exposure”, it is felt that your chances of getting an infection to start after exposure will go down.

Social distancing: It is felt that more distance means you will be exposed to less concentrations of virus if you have an exposure. With a lower “Viral Load Exposure”, it is felt your chances of getting an infection to start after exposure will go down.

Please be safe, take care of each other, and I will see, hopefully, everybody on the other side of this safe and sound.

– Dr. Dave