Concierge vs Non-Concierge

"I am fully committed to your wellness and providing the best healthcare possible."

Why choose Concierge care?

Being a part of our concierge program allows for as much needed one on one time to cover all medical needs.  Also, we will coordinate care between us and any referral physicians. We offer unlimited telemedicine visits, included with the concierge package, as well as no lengthy waits to see the physician.

Discounted, limited at-home visits when necessary are available too. To top things off you will have 24/7 access to the practice via a hotline number for any outside of 8-5 pm Monday-Friday business hours concerns.


How the process works

Non-Concierge follows traditional style medical practice. There are limited reasons for a telemedicine visit, at which there will be an additional charge. There are no at-home visits and potential wait times for appointments and in the office.  The hotline will be available however an additional fee will be charged if the physician has to be called, otherwise an appointment will be made at the office’s earliest convenience.

Concierge Packages: unless paid in full we will be charging a credit/debit card monthly. We ask that you put a card on file at the time of signing up.



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