Immigration Process

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Effective immediately, the USCIS is requiring a CoViD Vaccine series to be noted on the I-693 application form. People with incomplete series or non-vaccination will be considered not complete with vaccine requirements after 10/01/2021. Please speak to your attorney, advisor, or go to the USCIS website for more information.


What's involved?

This process will include two appointments, labs, and paperwork. When you come to the first appointment please bring your ID or Passport, immunization records, and payment (either cash or credit card). If you do not have your immunization records you will need to get a copy of them before coming to your first visit or be prepared to be tested for all needed vaccines. This will result in the price being higher. Below is a complete checklist. Please make sure you have all items needed.

Doctor holding a clipboard providing concierge care

How the process works

You will come into the first appointment with all documents needed. The doctor will complete your physical and give you what you need to get your lab work completed.

You will get your lab work completed at Quest Diagnostics located at 909 Medical Cir, Myrtle Beach,  SC 29572. Hours are Monday—Friday 8am-3pm.

Once all labs and immunization records are reviewed, the doctor will determine if any additional labs are needed or if any vaccines are needed. We ask for 7 days to complete this step.

Then you will receive a phone call from the office to inform you of additional labs/vaccines that are needed or to schedule your follow up appointment.

For additional labs/vaccines we ask for an additional 7 days.

Once you come in for your follow up appointment all your paperwork will be completed and reviewed with you. After signing, the patient will receive a copy and a copy is given to turn in for legal purposes.

If you have questions, please give us a call at 843-222-5395.