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Dr. David Weitzman, M.D.

Concierge on the Coast

North Myrtle Beach Concierge Doctor

David Weitzman, M.D.

Family Medicine – Complete Care

I will spend the time you need to maximize your medical care and health with a personalized plan of action built just for you.

I am board certified by the American Board of Urgent Care Medicine and a Diplomat of The American Board of Urgent Care Medicine.

What Is A Concierge Doctor?

I am the type of doctor who will invest in your health, life, and longevity. This is what is known as a concierge doctor. My name is Doctor Weitzman, your Doctor at the Beach. Allow me to introduce you to an elevated level of care.

Dr. Weitzman

I take time with my patients

I understand your wants and needs. You and I will cooperate with each other so that you may live a longer and happier life.

I’m ready for you

I offer house calls, same-day appointments, extended visits, and additional care such as nutrition and fitness.

Focused medical help

I take care of a smaller number of patients to give you the attention and detail you deserve.

Treating the source

My focus is geared towards the prevention of illness and wellness, with treatments administered when needed.

Other Doctors

Have little time with the patient

They don't understand the real problems. They give you medicine based on symptoms, then send you away.

Ready for the masses

Appointments are made in advance with very short meetings with the doctor. They offer no house calls. They want to get you out to prepare for the next patient.

Focused on many

They focus on a very large panel of patients, usually in the thousands.

Treating the symptoms

Their focus is shifted to reactive and treatment of illness and disease once they occur.

Please Understand

Your health and well-being is important to me. If you are bleeding or are in need of immediate medical attention, please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.


Same Day Appointments

Available Daily

Sick visit slots are left open everyday for people who are ill and need to see a physician. Please call the office to schedule an appointment.

A whole new take on personal care

Imagine a doctor that really cares about you. Your Doctor at the Beach works closely with you in all decisions, no matter the subject. There are no week-long waiting times, sitting for hours in a waiting room, or anything else of the sort.

At NMBDOC, you will get first-rate service with a doctor who takes the time to get to know you. I will build a lasting relationship with you and help you get through the trials of life. I am among the top 10 in the state for primary care and the top 5% in the country for awards. Stop by and experience an evolved level of care.


United Healthcare, AETNA, Humana, BlueCross BlueShield, and Medicare is accepted with reduced Concierge Membership. Some Medicare AOC or Advantage Plans may lower your Concierge Membership.

Call (843) 491-3007 for questions or to start your personalized care today!

Hear it for yourself

Don’t just hear it from me, see for yourself how much my patients trust in my line of work and how much better their overall health has become with me.

When you come visit my clinic, I promise to help improve your life as much I improve the lives of all my patients. 

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