Understanding Botox and Botulinum Toxin

What you need to know about botox Botox is a brand and is commonly used synonymously for all injections of the neurotoxin botulinum toxin by the general public. While practitioners do not usually refer to their injections as neurotoxin botulinum toxin, Botox is the most commonly known agent by consumers. Allergen’s Botox is not the only […]

What You Need to Know – CoViD Vaccine Booster

What you need to know about getting a covid booster shot So now you are being bombarded with the CoViD Vaccine Booster and you may have many questions. Misinformation is much more prevalent than good information. Politics are everywhere. Experts who work as underwater basket weavers have much more experience than seasoned physicians. Much of […]

Immigration exams – 2021 Update

Doctor with tablet writing down notes for concierge care

What’s all the fuss? Dr. Weitzman feels it is his duty, and honor, to help people become legal residents and citizens of the United States of America. At our office, we strive to make this process as easy, transparent, inexpensive as possible and move as quickly as possible. The full instructions are from the US  […]

To Mask or Not To Mask, That is the Question

Woman wearing mask while she is waiting for her concierge care

Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to mask The vaccine is out there. Some people are fully immunized and some people will never put that government stuff in their veins. Hysteria and brainwashing are in full swing. The world is divided into extremes with common sense thrown out the window. So what about those mask […]

CoViD Variant, Vaccine Facts, and The Future in Layman Terms

Keeping it simple Full disclaimer, this is written for people whom are not trained in medicine. So everyone who has a Medical Doctor (MD or DO) degree, a PHD or Masters Degree, or think they are a doctor, this is too basic for you. CoViD Variants There are new CoViD variants being discovered weekly now. […]

The CoViD Disease, Vaccine, and Variants Update

Here is a very simple update about what is currently going on. 1) The Variants. The media is reporting 3 variants in the virus. There are actually more than this, with possibly four variants alone in the United States. That does not include the United Kingdom (UK) Variant that is in the US now. 2) […]

CoViD-19, Vaccine, and the new Variant.

What does it mean to you? The latest hysterics blaring from the TV is about a new virus in the United Kingdom (UK). Presented in a way meant to cause anxiety and with very limited information, it is the media’s way to keep you glued to the channel for the next commercial break. I am […]

Immigration exams – Whats all the fuss.

what can you expect? Congratulations if you are getting your immigration exam. Dr. Weitzman feels it is his duty, and honor, to help people become legal residents and citizens of the United States of America. AT out office, we strive to make this process easy, transparent, and move as quick as possible. The full instructions […]

The CoViD Update: Mid September 2020

Welcome to the Covid-19 Testing Program! We are so pleased you have dropped by for COVID testing, for your own health and the health of all those around you. Below you will find information about the COVID test we will be using, and some useful information about the Virus and COVID disease progression. First, some […]

The CoViD Update: September 2020

The current situation Thank you for being patient with us, whether you were tested for COVID-19 or just wanted to be kept up to date. This practice works hard to keep everyone in our community well-informed. First, some housekeeping: 1) We work very hard to keep ALL politics out of these updates. When you go […]