Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to mask

The vaccine is out there. Some people are fully immunized and some people will never put that government stuff in their veins. Hysteria and brainwashing are in full swing. The world is divided into extremes with common sense thrown out the window.

So what about those mask things?

The CDC has released new guidelines for wearing masks pre and post-vaccination. Let’s keep it simple.

If you have completed your vaccine series two weeks ago: you may go without a mask. As long as you are in a relatively low-risk environment, you may go au naturale without the mask. If you are working in the CoViD ward, you may still want to wear one. Also, if you intend to lick anyone who currently has CoViD, the mask will also prevent this!

If you have taken your first Pfizer or Moderna Vaccine, or it has been less than two weeks after your second shot – mask up baby! You might be covered but with this bug, it’s better safe than sorry.

If you have taken the Johnson & Johnson (J&J) vaccine – give it 6 weeks after your shot. It should not take that long, but it’s better safe than sorry. For some people, it will take much longer for their immune systems to adapt and fully mature.

What if I had CoViD before?

If you have had CoViD, this becomes a bit tricky. Here is what we are doing in my practice: We test for immunity. If the person has IgG antibodies, it is the same as being immunized. No need for a mask!

What about a vaccine for those who have had CoViD? Just one shot, thank you. You will only need a single booster of any of the three available vaccines. Fair warning – you are going to feel like you have a viral infection for a day or two after the shot. You are not sick, it is just your immune system getting worked up over the vaccine – and that is a good thing.

This is just a personal guideline and this is what we are telling our patients at our office. We practice personalized medicine, so each person could be a little different. Only check with your doctor. Remember, most medical degrees will trump Google / Twitter / Internet / Friend degrees…

And get ready for those funny looks from the Mask Police! When asked, just start singing “A Change Would Do You Good”.