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The Wuhan Virus (Virus), which causes Corona Virus Disease No. 19 (COVID-19) is a mammalian virus from China that was spread to the rest of the world. The rest is politics.

The world, including the United States, was caught off guard. The information released from China was not representative of the virus. I am not drawing a motive, just stating fact. In addition, the testing kits used in China were of such low accuracy that the information they provided would not meet US scientific standards. The world community did not even know the virus could be spread from human to human until January 27, 2020.

This is the background. Garbage information in, garbage response out. This is why this country is playing catch up, and the response is so extreme. Blame bad information. Let’s talk about what we know at this point about the virus and disease; and this changes daily.

  • The Virus is infectious in the air for about an hour if in droplets, such as from a sneeze. However, if in a place with good air circulation, the ability to infect a person drops much more rapidly than this.

  • The Virus is infectious on a non-hostile surface, such as an indoor handrail, for about a day.

  • In stable conditions, such as inside a ventilator tube for a respirator, the Virus is infectious for up to 3 days.

  • The Virus is inactivated (not able to cause disease) rather easily following any antiviral cleaning procedure.

  • The Virus must have mucous membrane or tissue contact to cause disease. It cannot go through intact skin.

  • People who are older, have Diabetes, Hypertension, Immunosuppression (weak immune systems) and other medical conditions that affect the lungs are at high risk to get the disease. That means if you are exposed, a very small amount of the virus can get you very sick. Maybe even kill you.

  • Just because you are exposed to the Virus does not mean you will get COVID-19

  • We DO NOT have any treatment yet – we are working on that.

  • We DO NOT have a Vaccine for the Virus – we are working on that.

  • We DO NOT fully understand the Virus or Disease – we are working on that.

This is what we are working with, in very basic terms. You want to know why there are so many changes, and so many “delayed responses?” They were not delayed – the actions were undertaken with bad information given to the US and world. We are reacting to that, and trying to take care of people.

What can you do?

DO NOT listen to the hysterics, the rhetoric, the people trying to point out blame. Put your energies to staying safe, keeping healthy, and helping where you can. Clean your surfaces with a disinfectant. Leave your shoes by the front door. Wash your hands every time you touch a surface that you did not clean yourself. Do not touch your eyes, face, nose, or any membranes – including your privates, without washing your hands first. If your sick, stay at home, call your doctor, and get better. If you are really sick – call for help. Dial 911 – don’t just wander out to the hospital or Urgent Care.

The information that was released to the world was incorrect – now we are playing catch up. We are a country of individuals. We are being attacked. It is time to be a country of singular purpose – survive this disease. Stay safe. Listen to what you are being asked to do from reputable sources. Not the media, internet, or chat rooms.

Your Doctor at the Beach

Dave Weitzman, MD