CoVid-19 Antibody Test – What You Need to Know

These test checks for antibodies to the disease. IgM and IgG. How they display tells a lot about your Disease, if you are infectious, or if you have immunity. We Don’t know much about immunity, because it is too soon. But we are learning every day. Keep in touch and look of updates. We are […]

Wuhan Virus and COVID-19 – The Real Story

The Wuhan Virus (Virus), which causes Corona Virus Disease No. 19 (COVID-19) is a mammalian virus from China that was spread to the rest of the world. The rest is politics. The world, including the United States, was caught off guard. The information released from China was not representative of the virus. I am not […]

North Myrtle Beach Corona Virus

Do not panic. Do not fret. The corona virus is here. Just take a deep breath. So, what do we do? Hmmmmmm. Let’s keep it simple. Let’s stick to facts. There is new research that is different that what China put out. The virus is stable in the air about 3 hours, and on a […]